A lot of talk, both good and bad, has been stirred up in recent years about hunting wolves in the Lower 48.

Many hunters and ranchers are all for it. Others hate to see harm done to the creatures that, in their eyes, are innocent animals that cause no harm.

Well, if you’re like me, and would like to see wolves hunted, it’s good to have some pointers before you head out in search of one of these elusive predators.

Not many people in North America can call themselves expert wolf hunters. Sure, there are some good wolf trappers and houndsmen out there But what about wolf hunters that rely on their skills to bring a wolf in close for a shot?

Outdoor Life has gathered advice from three expert wolf hunters.

Wolves make their living in the most remote places on the planet. They’re big, tough, and crazy smart. With few exceptions, almost every wolf taken during recently opened seasons in Idaho and Montana has been killed incidentally by a hunter who happened to have a wolf tag in a pocket when he was out hunting something else… [continued]

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Photo: Outdoor Life