Fish and game officials in Idaho were stumped after looking at images of a mountain lion that was harvested last week in Weston, Idaho. As reported in the Idaho State Journal, the youngling appears to have fangs growing out of its forehead.

Officials are unsure as to what could have caused such an anomaly.

Fish and Game biologists and veterinarians have a few theories.

For one, the teeth could be the remnants of a conjoined twin that died in the womb and was absorbed into the lion killed last week. Conjoined animals in nature are very rare occurrences.

The biologists and veterinarians said it could also be a teratoma, which is a rare tumor that can contain hair, teeth and bones. In rare circumstances, a teratoma can also sprout more complex body parts such as eyes, fingers or toes.

Read the whole story at theĀ Idaho State Journal.

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